Trust in concredo

For a successful trust- and consulting work trust in
each other is of utmost importance. Our credo is easily explained
using only one word which is also our companyname: concredo stands
for the latin word concredere and means to confide in someone.

Clear aim

Our company concentrates mostly on Swiss and International
Small and Medium Enterprises as they are the backbone of our economy.
The management studies of each company and being a committed part of
the company's development is extremely important to us. As such we
can profoundly contribute to the profit of our clients.

Three business areas

Our services complement each other perfectly. We consult
you in a complete way in any of the three business areas.

Successful customers are the best refer

Out of mutual trust and committed collaboration derives
a economically sensible business relationship that is agreeable to all.

Concredo GmbH
Strehlgasse 3, CH-8600 Dübendorf
Tel. +41 (0)44 802 80 80, Fax +41 (0)44 802 80 88

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